This is a purpose built social instrument designed to change the face of traditional teaching, to something a little more easier on the eye, mind, and soul. The Mbili supersound is a percussion instrument that combines two instruments, – the African Mbira, and a tongue drum. The name Mbili is Swahili for the number two, – this is for the number of people it takes to play it. Its main purpose will be to encourage people to make music together whilst teaching the essential basics of rhythm. The Mbili is for all age groups because it’s “never too late to learn something new,” and it will make beginning much more enjoyable. It also caters for people with experience and could be used by tutors to teach students rhythm to make the learning process a lot more practical.

The Mbili was made entirely out of recycled woods and other materials.These include:

Solid Tasmanian blackwood top (from a broken table)
Maple sound board sides (removed from an old piano)
Cabriole legs (off a small old table)
Mbira keys (recycled from a garden rake)
Broom handle and rubber chair leg caps for the sticks